6 Commercial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Units for Hemodialysis application

Commercial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Units


In January 2009, Pure Aqua supplied to a major water treatment company in Croatia 6 Commercial Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) Units to produce 7500gpd at max. feed TDS 1000 PPM.


Due to the increased exposure of dialysis patients to water used in the manufacture of dialysis fluid, which originates as drinking water, requires additional treatment to ensure that it meets a more stringent contaminant level content than drinking water. The more stringent levels are embodied in national and international standards that have evolved out of the desire to minimize the complications arising from the use of inappropriate water quality.

For water used in the preparation of dialysis fluid, chemical contaminant levels are set lower for three groups of chemical contaminants: contaminants to which exposure is associated with clinical sequel such as aluminum and fluoride, compounds present in the dialysis fluid (e.g. sodium), and trace metals.

The dialytic process utilizes high volumes of water in the preparation of the dialysis fluid. Improvements in water treatment equipment have resulted in improvements in chemical quality. Awareness that endotoxin and bacterial fragments present in the water distribution loop within the dialysis, are able to cross the dialyser membrane, has resulted in an increased focus on this aspect of water quality. Practically, the age of many water treatment plants, extensions of distribution systems and suboptimal cleaning procedures have prevented the achievement of optimal microbiological quality on a routine basis. When achieved and maintained, clear benefits to the patient have been demonstrated.

The BWRO Unit was selected from our RO-200 Series, model number RO-7500. It includes (5) 4″x40″ membrane elements from (Filmtec LP-4040), (5) FRP pressure vessels, SS pump, 5 micron prefilter, pressure regulating valve, low pressure switch, pressure gauges, advanced microprocessor control panel, multi media filter, carbon filter, water softener and post UV and 0.2 micron filter to remove dead bacteria (pyrogen).

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