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Cheap Water Filter Systems

Many city dwellers consider water filters or water purifiers to remove certain contaminates that they know are in the water. How healthy is the water coming out of the tap? Purchase water filter systems that comes with a carafe or pitcher or consider a faucet mounted filter. You can purchase an under-sink mounted filtering system.

If you live in a major metropolitan city, or any area where the water is pre treated, you may be concerned about how healthy is the water coming out of the tap. Many city dwellers consider water filters or water purifiers to remove certain contaminates that they know are in the water. But what filter will work best for your needs and the needs of your family? To help you select the filtering system for your family, first you need a general knowledge of what each type of filter does and a place to use the filter.

First consider if you need to filter or clean all the water in your house or just the water you drink and cook with. If you only need to filter the water you drink, one option is to purchase a water filter system that comes with a carafe or pitcher. The filters that come with water pitchers are usually carbon filters. Carbon filters work by passing water thru a granular carbon filter built inside a plastic housing and the plastic housing fits inside the pitcher. This is a very cheap to get filtered drinking water.

If you want to filter all the water that comes thru your faucet, you may want to consider a faucet mounted filter. By removing the aerator on your faucet, you can install the faucet mounted filter to any kitchen sink. Facets mounted filters are usually made with a combination of carbon and ceramic filters and can remove bacteria, asbestos, sediments and some chemicals from the water. This option can be more expensive than using a water pitcher filter as you are filtering all the water; hot water, cold water, dish water and drinking water. You may need to change the filters more often than if you were just filtering drinking water.

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Water Filtration Systems

Multi-Media Water Filters (Depth Filters)

Multi-media water filter systems represents a significant improvement over single-media filters. This is primarily due primarily to improved filter bed action based on the innovative use and selection of filter media. Multi-media filtration permits delivery of high quality filtered water at much faster flow rates, as compared to a conventional sand filter.

In a conventional sand filter, lighter and finer sand particles are found at the top of the filter bed, and coarser, heavier sand particles remain at the bottom after backwashing. Filtration takes place in the top few inches of the filter bed.

A multi-media filter is backwashed in the same manner as a sand filter, using reverse or upward flow of water through the filter bed. The various layers of media retain their stratification because each material has a different density.


1. The multi-media water filter systems operate for much longer periods of time (five or more times as long at the same filtration rate), before backwashing is necessary because the bed can hold more turbidity. Turbidity is trapped and held throughout the entire bed depth, rather than the top one or two inches.

2. Multi-media filtration is much better suited for use in a closed pressure tank since cracking of the bed, and subsequent breakthrough of turbidity is virtually eliminated and the need for visual inspection is unnecessary.

The use of pressure tanks, rather than open basins or filters, is an obvious advantage for point-of-use filtration and could also be of real importance in the filtration of small community water supplies.

More rapid filtration flow rates in multi-media filtration allow the use of smaller diameter tanks with equal or better results.

3. A very high degree of clarity is achieved in the filtered water because of the fact that the finer particles of garnet at the bottom trap finer turbidity particles.

4. Another important advantage is that multi-media water filters can clarify water at a much higher flow rate than a single-media sand filter (5.5 to 8 gallons per minute, as compared to 1.5 to 2.5 gallons per minute in a 12 inch diameter tank). This is 14 to 15 gpm per square foot of bed area, as compared to 2 gpm per square foot of bed area. This is a very important difference in the production of filtered water.

Pure Aqua‘s multi media water filters (MF-1100, MF-1000, MF-600, MF-500 MF-450, MF-410 MF-400 Series) clarify water by removing sediment, turbidity, iron, unpleasant tastes and odors, suspended particles, and unwanted color, all of which are commonly found in surface water. They can be used in a variety of service conditions including, but not limited to: industrial, municipal, and institutional applications.

Pure Aqua multi media water filter systems are ideally suited for use where stringent water quality standards are required or where higher levels of suspended solids are present. These applications can include re-use applications, water pre-treatment applications for reverse osmosis and deionization systems or as a pre-treatment system prior to disposable bag or cartridge filters. Pure Aqua multi-media water filter systems are also widely used as primary water filters for removal of suspended solids in incoming plant water or in waste water clean up applications.

With expertise of Pure Aqua water filter systems, you will receive economical solution that creates value for you while reducing your costs.